Medical Pharma UAE

Medical Pharma Co Ltd is an United Arab Emirates company whose main motivation is the health, wellbeing and vitality of all people. We offer a broad range of vitamins, Soft Gels Antibiotic Capsules , Syrups Injections Tablets Health care products made from the highest-quality ingredients and using the strictest quality control processes during manufacturing, all at an affordable price.

Products Design

Our products are designed and created based on our market research and on our expert understanding of healthcare gained over more than 13 years in the industry. Our range both responds to and anticipates the needs of our customers.

Products Range

Our products incorporate the best of Eastern and Western alternative and scientific approaches to good health.


Used as directed our products can be beneficial in a wide range of situations to support health and well being.

Research and Development

Ongoing investment in research and development ensures that we are constantly drawing on the latest knowledge of  the benefits of certain ingredients, as well as technological advances, to enhance our  range.


Our products are manufactured in United Arab Emirates to the highest standards in state-of-the-art facilities, licensed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). At all stages of the process we have implemented, and operate within, comprehensive guidelines for quality and sustainability, complying with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) code.

As a distributor in Afghanistan Halim Pharma selected the following products and importing to Afghanistan, Please have a look at the following list of products and let us know if you’re interested?

Medical Pharma Products

Amolmed  Tablet 500 Mg
Ampical - Ampocillin 1000mg for Injection USP
Diclomed  Injection 75mg/3 Ml

Medimox  (Amoxicillin) Capsule 500mg
Eftrix Injection 1000 Mg
Medipro Tablet 750 Mg

Multimed - M Soft Gel Capsule
Multi-Med Syrup 200 Ml
Diphelin Syrup 100ml

Medamol Syrup 100 Ml
Medacid Syrup 200 Ml
Medafin Syrup 100 Ml

Omega 3 Syrup

Brands & Generic Names

1 Tab Medipro 750 MG Ciprofloxacin 10 Tab’s
2 Tab Medipro 500  MG Ciprofloxacin 10 X 2 Tabs
3 Tab Azithromed 500  MG Azithromycine Tab500MG 1x3 Tab Box
4 Tab Diclomed –K 50  MG Diclofenac Potassium 50MG 50MG 20 Tab
5 Tab Amolmed 500  MG   Paracetamol Tab 500 MG 1x30 Tab Box
6 Cap Medimox 500  MG   Amoxicillin 10 X 2 Caps
7 Cap Medazole 20  MG    Omeprazole 20 MG 1 X 14 Box
8 Cap Multimed - M Soft Gel Multivitamin Cap 1x30 Cap Box
9 Inj Diclomed 75MG/3 Ml Diclofenac Inj 3ml/75MG 10x10 Box
10 Inj Eftrix 1000  MG   Ceftriaxone 1vial+10ml Box
11 Inj Eftrix 500  MG Ceftriaxone 1vial +5ml  Box
12 Inj Ampical 1 Gr Ampicillin 1 Gr 1 Vial +5 Ml  Box
13 Inj Ampical 500  MG   Ampicillin 500 MG 1 Vial +5 Ml  Box
14 Syp Medacid Plus  200 Ml Antacid Plus 1 Bottle Box
15 Syp Medacid 200 Ml Antacid 1 Bottle Box
16 Syp Amolmed 100 Ml Paracetamol 100ml 100ml Bottle Box
17 Syp Albacore 200 Ml Omega 3 Syrup 200 Ml 1x200 Ml Bottle Box
18 Syp Multi-Med 200 Ml Cal+Mv+Folic Acid+Boitin 200ml Bottle Box
19 Sus Medimox 250  MG   Amoxicillin 250 Sus 100 Ml 1x100ml Bt Box
20 Syp Medafin 100 Ml Ibrufen 100 Ml 100ml Bottle Box
21 Tube Diclomed 25 Gr Diclofenac Gel  25 Gr  1.16% 25 Gr Tube
22 Tube Lucomed 25 Gr Clobetasol  Ointment   0.05 % 25 Gr Tube